Production Installation


Component for Magnalium Fitting



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1. Use the aluminium cutting tools to cut the compatible length of AHE pipe. Make sure you keep the cutting side vertical to the axis line of the pipe.


2. Clean the burr and sawdust of the cutting side.


3. Put the Nut, Fastening Ring, Press Ring, Silicagel Seal on the pipe and put the pipe into the fitting vertically.


4. Use one spanner to hold the fitting and another spanner to screw the Nut.


5. You will have to run the bulge test before use. In the situation of underground or hidden installation, it is necessary to keep the plastic protection film on the outside of the pipe and the fitting must undertake the anti-corrosive process.



Installation Sketch Map for Magnalium Fitting



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AHE plastics-lined aluminium alloy pipe connections with other pipes



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